The competition out there is fierce.  A REALTOR needs all of the tools they can in order to earn a client's trust and business.  We provide to our associates a variety of tools, some of which are EXCLUSIVE to us, that have helped our associates become some of the most productive REALTORS in the state.  Here are just some of the tools that we provide.

Booj - Booj (Be Original Or Jealous) is the technology platform which allows you to control your leads from, your FREE personalized and cutting edge website and mobile app.  It is also a full-featured CRM tool which will empower you to effectively and efficiently manage your client/prospect lists and your transaction work flow.  Email integration and drip campaigns, text messaging and an award winning app to control it all are just some of the highlights of the system.


The Vault - This is an easy to use but powerful web application designed to arm RE/MAX Excalibur associates with the ability to pre-market listings and match them up with active buyers.  It does this by organizing properties not yet publicly listed, active buyers, and other selected pieces of critical time-sensitive information in a system to create more transactions in the highly competitive real estate industry.

The Excalibur Home Hotline - A combination of phone, mobile web and social media services designed to give the mobile consumer property information for any listed property without talking to the listing agent at the listing company. All while staying connected to you (All Excalibur agents receive ALL of their listing inquiries).  Each Excalibur listing also receives both a branded and un-branded property tour and an incredibly SEO friendly YouTube video.

Automated Marketing Materials  - We have invested in a product that will AUTOMATICALLY create a variety of listing resources, all without you having to lift a finger.  Just post or print the items when they are emailed to you and you're done!  You also have the ability to produce over 2,000 different marketing materials on your own.  Everything from property flyers, just listed postcards to digital newsletters and eCards are available to you at NO COST.

First App - The A.I. in First puts you ten steps ahead of your competition.  The mobile app keeps you up-to-date and gets you in flow with the people in YOUR network who need to hear from you right now.  With First, you can easily start conversations with contacts in your database who are likely ready to make a housing decision.  Using nearly 700 points of data, First is able to help you get in touch with your most important contacts at the most valuable time.

Megaphone  - This is system which gives RE/MAX associates the ability to easily create and distribute social media ads to Facebook, Instagram, Google and Waze. Enter the system and it will ask what the goals of the ad are and then it takes the user through an easy to follow guide to build the campaign. The platform also provides the associate with analytics-based reports on how each of the advertisements are performing. These reports can then be shared with clients should you choose to do so.

Direct Mail and Personal Promotion - This RE/MAX Excalibur Exclusive program is the ultimate print marketing program.  Through the utilization of both MLS and tax record data, incredible print marketing can be customized for your mailing list.  If you don't have a mailing list, we will help you compile one.  Marketing pieces range from a variety of high quality postcards, 2 to 10 page newsletters, multi-page property brochures, personal promotion pieces and just about anything you can dream up.

Showing Suite (Tucson Office) - The Showing Suite system takes a task that could take hours to accomplish and automates the process in order to save you valuable time.  Any time an agent shows one of your listings, Showing Suite will send a questionnaire requesting feedback about the showing.  This information is then used to help your sellers optimize the marketability of their home.

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