Yes, all RE/MAX offices are "independently owned and operated", so what exactly does that mean?  What it means is that the values, culture, management structure, support systems, cost structures and tools can be GREATLY different from one office to the next.

Each RE/MAX office has the freedom to operate pretty much however they want.  Some offices prefer to stay small, some have aspirations of being the largest offices in the network.  Some charge hardly any fees and instead has put all of their associates on splits and other offices charge monthly fees and nobody is on a split.  Others do a combination of the two.  At RE/MAX Excalibur, we have a variety of membership plans available from the "No-Stress" commission split plan with a cap to a flat monthly fee and other plans that are "team friendly".

Another difference between offices are the services and tools which are provided.  RE/MAX, LLC provides an incredible amount of tools to help our associates succeed, but to be honest, today's agent deserves more.  This is why we have sought out additional tools, some of which are EXCLUSIVE to RE/MAX Excalibur.  We have two EXCLUSIVE services available to our associates (The Excalibur Home Hotline and Real Marketing Direct Mail and Personal Promotion) and at any given time we offer at least four other services AT NO ADDITIONAL COST TO THE ASSOCIATE which most other RE/MAX offices DO NOT OFFER (The Vault, AgentCareCenter, Excalibur Home Hotline, Advanced LIVE Training, David Knox Seminars Training Videos)

You owe it to yourself to contact us TODAY to learn for yourself how we differentiate ourselves and stay ahead of the competition and our fellow RE/MAX offices.