The BOOJ Platform has been specifically designed in conjunction with thousands of RE/MAX associates to create a better customer experience by streamlining the work of agents from lead generation to post-close nurturing and beyond. Customer Relationship Management (CRM), the core of the BOOJ Platform, is the centerpiece of the technology which includes:


- Free, cusomizeable agent websites

- Agent branded mobile app

- Task management.

RE/MAX Chairman and Co-Founder Dave Liniger, has credited “CEO Adam Contos and his leadership team” for the bold move that puts RE/MAX in control of its technology future, said he believes the BOOJ Platform will prove to be the industry’s best.

“(The BOOJ acquisition) was the smartest investment we’ve ever made,” Liniger said.

Watch the video above and CLICK HERE for more details regarding this exciting suite of tools which is FREE of charge to all RE/MAX associates.